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Open Water Diver

The first step to becoming a certified diver! This course will dive you through the fundamentals of scuba. A truly amazing experience that will start your journey beneath the waves. Sign up and get certified today with our PADI open water diver class.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Ready to take it to the next level? The advanced open water diver course will put your skills to the test! Expanding on what you have previously learned and open up new opportunities in your diving career.  

Rescue Diver

One of our more challenging classes. The rescue diver course will teach you to anticipate and handle different situations as they unfold while underwater. 

Enriched Air Nitrox Diver

One of the more popular courses. Taking this course will help you extend your bottom times while giving you shorter surface intervals. Enriched air nitrox diver is a class you don't want to miss.


Has it been a minute since your last dive? Don't worry we got you covered! With our refresher course, we will walk you through everything you will need to get you diving safe and comfortable again. A quick and easy way to knock off some rust before your next vacation.


Is scuba diving the life for you? If so, maybe its time you become one of the elite. Become a leader, a teacher, motivate others to be the best they can be. By becoming a PADI certified Divemaster you can turn your passion into a career. 


PADI stands for the Professional Association of Dive Instructors. It is the world's largest and most recognized dive certification agency on the planet.


PADI instructors have been safely guiding divers below the surface for over 50 years. PADI enables the world to achieve their diving goals via the safest and most comprehensive dive curriculum on earth.


We achieve this by setting the highest standards for dive training in the world.


Train with the best instructors & achieve the most recognized dive certification in the world!

The Way The World Learns to Dive


Learn to dive for only $429+ Tax

Our Open Water Diver course utilizes the dynamic PADI eLearning program for the Knowledge Development portion of your class. Work at your own pace with this convenient, interactive study option. Complete your entire Knowledge Development at home! This also includes completing all your quizzes and the final exam.


Thurs-Fri Evening, Sat-Sun Dive Days



If you and a buddy sign up and attend the same open water diver class, you both can learn to dive for only $399 each! + Tax


Thurs-Fri Evening, Sat-Sun Dive Days



If you and your family or group of at least 4 sign up and attend the same open water diver class, you all can learn to dive for only $379 each! + Tax


Thurs-Fri Evening, Sat-Sun Dive Days


Included in tuition:

  • Instruction by one of our insured PADI certified instructors

  • eLearning program access for Preferred format students 

  • Personal diver’s logbook & eRDPML electronic dive planner

  • Use of like-new Aqua Lung regulator, dive computer, BCD & wetsuit

  • All air tanks needed during class

  • Entrance fees to Devil's Den & Rainbow River  

  • PADI Certification card upon completion of class



Students are responsible for the following:

  • SCUBA mask, fins, snorkel, lead weight & gear bag 

  • We do not provide transportation

    • Students will be responsible for their own transportation 

  • Swimsuit to wear underneath your wetsuit 

  • All minors need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian


Below is the itinerary of our PADI Open Water Diver courses. We recommend that all students sign-up at least 2 weeks before class so he or she will have plenty of time to complete home study prior to the start of the class.



Also…our classes sell-out fast! So the sooner you enroll the quicker you secure your spot!

  • Thursday anytime during normal business hours. We just need a few minutes of your time so we can issue you your scuba gear you will be using for your class and make sure all your paperwork is in order. Be prepared to transport all your scuba gear including 2 scuba tanks.

    • SCUBA/Class Introduction & Gear Fitting session at FCD. 

  • Friday Evening 5 PM-10 PM

    • Pool session at Good Shepherd Pool for Confined Water Dives 1-3.

  • Saturday All Day 9 AM-5 PM 

    • Dive Day 1 at Devil's Den Springs. Open Water Dives 1 & 2, Confined Water Dives 4-5.

  • Sunday Half Day 8 AM-2 PM

    • Dive Day 2 at Rainbow River Springs. Open Water Dives 3 & 4.


Maximize your fun and learning with First Coast Divers! We offer many money-saving options to gear up for ultimate adventure!

  • Student Gear Purchase Discount

    • Gear up with your own personal basic scuba gear prior to the start of your class.

    • We have a wonderful selection of high-quality products for you to choose from. Our knowledgable staff will help you choose the gear that’s right for you. Student divers automatically receive 10% off their initial purchase of any personal basic gear needed.

  • All-Inclusive Gear Option

    • Great for students who don’t own and/or don't want to buy any of their personal basic gear. We will furnish the use of a mask, snorkel, fins, booties, lead weight & gear bag for the student to use during class. $75 upgrade.

  • PADI Nitrox Speciality Class w/ PADI eLearning

    • Want more bottom time with your diving? Then enroll in the Nitrox class in conjunction with your PADI Open Water Diver class and save $25 off the regular price of the Nitrox class tuition. 

  • Optional Hotel Stay (not available for all classes)

    • The dive sites we use on Sat. & Sun. are approx. 100-130 miles away. We reserve rooms at a hotel near the dive sites for Sat. night. We recommend staying at the hotel because you will be tired on Sat. and this will save you from driving back & forth. $79.95 per room. (Students can share rooms.)


We strive to schedule as many classes as possible for the convenience of our clients. But in order for us to conduct a class, we need to have a minimum of five students per class. If we do not achieve that for a scheduled class, we will contact you one week prior to reschedule you into our next scheduled class.

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