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At First Coast Divers, we understand that properly maintained dive equipment could mean the difference between a great day leisurely diving on the reef and potential danger. Our factory-certified personnel can keep your gear in tip-top shape so you can reduce or eliminate downtime and keep diving!


We even offer gear rentals in our store. So if your gear needs servicing, or maybe you're in between dive gear, and you don't want to miss one of our great dive trips, we've got you covered.

After all, we're divers too.

  • 12-month standard functions inspection: $29.95

  • 24 months full regulator service: $34.95 per stage (Not including parts)


If we happen to notice anything out-of-place we will contact the owner and give our recommended course of action.

**DACOR PRODUCTS: Because Dacor parts are no longer manufactured, we cannot service these products. Because of this fact, we stress the fact that Dacor regulators are very unreliable and strongly recommend that Dacor regulator owners come by the shop and talk to one of our representatives about purchasing a new, quality regulator from us.


BCD servicing is recommended to be scheduled every 24 months to assure proper function.


  • BCD Service: $34.95 (Not including parts)


Dive Computers

Please call one of our representatives at 904-737-0050 for information about dive computer battery replacements.


Visual Inspections and Hydrostatic Testing

Tank VIP's are required to be performed every 12 months.


  • VIP Air: $25.95 (Includes air fill)

  • VIP NITROX: $33.95 (Includes NITROX 32% fill) 


Hydros are required every 5 years. 


  • Hydro Air Tank: $46.95 (Includes air fill)

  • Hydro NITROX: $54.95 (Includes NITROX 32% fill) 


  • Tank Oxygen Service, Cleaning: $25.95

  • Tank Brush Cleaning: $8.95

  • Tank Tumbling, Cleaning: $35.95

  • Valve Service: $12.95 (Not including parts)

  • Air Fills (Individual): $7.95

  • Air Fill 4500 psi Carbon Fiber Tank: $10.95 

  • Air Card 10 Fills: $63.00

  • Air Card 20 Fills: $99.00


We offer a premix of 32% EAN. 

  • Nitrox Individual Fills: $13.95

  • Nitrox Card 10 Fills: $121.00

  • Nitrox Card 20 Fills: $220.00


Please remember to bring your Nitrox Certification Card with you!


At First Coast Divers, we don't rent out "old" equipment. We place brand new Aqua Lung regulators, BCDs and dive computers into rental service every 12 months, ensuring our customers enjoy like new equipment, the latest technology, and peace of mind.


  • Regulator with Gauge: $24.95

  • Regulator with Computer: $39.95 

  • BCD, Weight Integrated: $24.95

  • Wetsuit: $19.95

  • Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Booties: $19.95

  • Lead Weight Per Pound: $1.25

  • AL80 Air Tank: $16.95 

  • AL80 NITROX 32% Tank: $23.95 

  • AL100 NITROX 32% Tank: $26.95

  • HP100 Steel NITROX 32%: $29.95


*Customer MUST present necessary certification card(s) at time of rental. Gear rented on Friday can be picked up Friday and returned no later than close of business on the following Monday, since we are closed on Sunday.

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