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Isn't all SCUBA gear pretty much the same? 

Not at all.


Not exactly. While all gear allows you to breathe underwater, why would you want to depend on anything less than the most reliable, dependable and highest quality life support gear? Click here to view a Must Read on SCUBA equipment. We also service SCUBA gear.

First Coast Divers has committed itself to offer only SCUBA gear of exceptional quality, durability, and reliability. To that end, we have partnered with Aqua Lung in order to make customer research of their gear needs easier than ever. Divers from across the globe recognize Aqua Lung as one of the finest makers of dive equipment.


First Coast Divers feels so strongly about Aqua Lung products, that we have formed an exclusive relationship with Aqua Lung in order to offer our customers a wide variety of products.

We're currently working on a new store experience to better serve you! Stay tuned, or stop by our store to pick out your new gear!

We're updating our gear packages to bring you even more value!
Stay tuned.
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