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My friends, I really try not to over-use the phrase “once in a lifetime”. Sure, the community
of divers at First Coast Divers are used to diving the most beautiful dive destinations the
world has to offer. But the Galapagos Islands are truly special. There is nowhere on Earth…literally… like the Galapagos Islands. So yes…for most of us…this is a once in a lifetime adventure. Since we are in “once in a lifetime” state of mind, I say go big or just stay home! With that in mind, I have booked this trip with Master Liveaboards on their dive yacht the M/Y Galapagos Master. What makes this trip unique is that this is the only 10-night/11-day live-aboard itinerary in the Galapagos. And with that, we get to spend a full 4 days diving around Darwin and Wolf Island (whereas most liveaboards are only able to spend 2-3 days there). So my friends, that is a huge advantage we get to enjoy.

With that said, my wife Suzy and I would like to invite 14 lucky people to come share this
awesome adventure with us. But please be aware, this dive adventure is not for the inexperienced diver. The minimum certification requirement for this trip is at least an Advanced Open Water Diver with at least 50 logged dives. And just to be clear, you don’t have to be a marathon runner or a gym rat to do this trip. But you have to be strong, steady and confident with your dive skills. We are certainly not doing anything extreme but these dives require a self-reliant, experienced diver who can look after themselves. And if you are not quite there yet, well, you have a goal! This trip is February 2024 so you have time to get yourself and your dive buddy in dive shape. And personally, I love a challenge and a goal to work towards.


My friends…we can only take a total of 14 people in 7 staterooms. And even though this is certainly not an inexpensive dive adventure…this trip will sell out. So please…if you want to do this trip…don’t hesitate to put down your deposit.

Travel Abroad to the Amazing
Galapagos Islands!
Feb 12-24, 2024


Don't delay!




  • $9300 per person / double occupancy Classic Stateroom (lower deck)

  • $9500 per person / double occupancy Premium Stateroom (mid deck)

  • Cabin requests are first-come first-serve. Please review the deck plan.


Deposit / Payments:

  • $2000 pp Non-Refundable Deposit Due at Booking

  • $2750 pp payment due June 1 st 2022

  • $2750 pp payment due January 1 st 2023

  • Balance due July 1 st 2023

What’s Included and Highlights:

  • February 12-22, 2024 (actual days on the live-aboard)

  • 11-days / 10-night luxury accommodation on the Galapagos Master

  • Up to a total of 27 dives guided by a locally licensed Dive Master (diving with the guides is mandatory for all dives)

  • Air tanks and diving weights (standard AL80 tank)

  • All meals while on the vessel.

  • Tea, coffee, fruit drinks and soft drinks

  • Airport transfers to and from the yacht in San Cristobal


Land Excursions:
To allow our guests to explore the Galapagos to its fullest, we organize two island tours as part of the itinerary:

  • North Seymour Island where we watch iguanas, blue-footed boobies and other bird and land life.

  • Highlands of Santa Cruz – Charles Darwin Station to visit the giant land tortoise

Your Cruise Director will schedule 3 or 4 dives per day except on the days when land tours are offered when there will only be 2 dives scheduled in the morning.


Master Live-Aboard

What’s Not Included:

  • Airfare to and from Equador. Guests are responsible for booking their own airfare to and from Quito, Equador.

  • Airfare to and from San Cristobal. Master Liveaboards will book this for us but this is not included in the charter. This will be billed to each traveler separately. Currently the rate is running between $500-$600 per person for the round-trip ticket.

  • Hotel accommodations pre and post trip. All guests will need to arrive in Quito at least one day prior and are encouraged to stay the night upon return from San Cristobal. We can help arrange hotel reservations for you.

  • Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee. Currently $100 USD cash only. Payable, in cash only, upon your arrival in San Cristobal.

  • Ingala Transit Control Card. Currently $25 USD cash only. Payable, in cash only, at Guayaquil or Quito Airport prior to domestic flight check-in.

  • Ecuadorian Departure Taxes (between $30 USD and $41 USD if not included in your flight ticket)

  • Nitrox. $225 per person for the duration of the trip. 80cf or 100cf Steel Tank: $108 for the duration of the trip

  • Rental Gear: Rates vary. Please reserve though us at least 1 month prior to the trip. We will make the arrangements for you with the operator.

  • All alcoholic beverages. Each person is responsible for their own on-board purchases. This includes laundry services and merchandise.

  • Crew and dive guide gratuities.

Trip Notes:

  • All divers must have at least an Advanced Open Water certification and have at least 50 logged dives.

  • We highly recommend all participants obtain trip insurance. You can buy this either from DAN or Dive Assure.

  • All guests are required to show proof of health care coverage and supplemental dive insurance is mandatory.

  • Water temperatures vary greatly between Darwin/Wolf Islands in the northwest and the southern main islands. The northwestern islands will be around 78-84 degrees and the southern islands will be around 68-72 degrees. 5mm/7mm wetsuits are suggested for the southern dives.

  • The official Equadorian currency is the USD.

  • All guests are required to have at least 6 months of Passport validity on the day you arrive in Equador. There is no exception to this rule. They will turn you back.

The Beautiful Galapagos

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