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The private class option for some people is a great choice for many reasons:

•    Scheduling flexibility. Particularly for people who cannot do their classes during weekend days.
•    For a more intimate class experience with only your family & friends
• Slower-paced and more individual focused
•    People with disabilities or physical limitations
•    Great for groups that have kids under the age of 12 (10 years old is the age minimum)


Upon enrollment in a private class with First Coast Divers, we will assign one of our PADI Instructors to teach your class. That instructor will coordinate with your group leader to come up with a class schedule that works well for everyone.



Private classes include:

  • Private instruction with your personal PADI Instructor

  • Access to the PADI eLearning site to complete the required pre-class home study

  • Use of the actual scuba gear to include the regulator, dive computer, BCD, wetsuit & air tanks

  • Entrance fees to Devils Den & Rainbow River for your check-out dive days

  • Personal Divers Logbook

What you need to bring:

  • All students are required to have their own personal basic scuba gear (mask, snorkel, fins, gear bag, SMB (surface marker buoy) & lead weights. (personal basic gear is available for rental for an additional charge)

  • We do not provide transportation. Students will be responsible for their own transportation

  • Swimsuits to wear underneath the wetsuit

  • All minors need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian

Additional private class information:

  • Private classes can be scheduled for up to a 2-week/weekend period. Any more than that will require an additional charge

  • Private classes can include up to 2 pool sessions (if needed). Any more than that will require an additional charge

  • Check-out dive days at the springs must be conducted over 2 consecutive days

  • Use of private pools is an option as long as it is suitable for confin